Greetings from Georgina Morson (INISA Stipendiatin 2020)


my name is Georgina Morson, currently in my second year at the University of Malawi, Kamuzu College of nursing pursuing Bachelor of Science in nursing and midwifery. My 2019/2020 academic year had been so challenging to me. The one who sponsored my first year retired from office so he could not fund me anymore. I was very scared that my future has ended, but since the college is only strict with fees issues as we are about to start examinations I had hope that I will still learn for some days before they chase me. Thanks to INISA you have lighted my way by covering my 2020 academic year I will be forever grateful. Your help has come in good time when I needed it most.

I planned to work harder for the limited time I had and get more skills with the aim that when they chase me I should have enough skill to find something to do in my community. Then there was a state of emergency in our country all the schools were closed because of the Colona virus pandemic. It was three weeks before end of semester one examinations and the date to reopen was not specified. I grab that opportunity to learn more at my community health center, I started working there as part of learning for the whole period of six months of Colona virus holiday. During this time I learned a lot and gained more skills that we did not even learn in class.

This is also where I saw the INISA student grant application on whatsapp group and I applied. Then the school reopened and we were given a week to prepare for the end of semester exams, firstly I was afraid that I will not be allowed to write exams because I did not pay fees but luckily enough they did not freeze the examination numbers of those that did not pay fees as they usually do, so I was able to write my examination without problems. Everything was happening very fast that after writing examinations the other week we started the second semester so I was supper excited that I will be able to learn for some more time and gain more knowledge before being chased.

Then I heard that I have been shortlisted to go for INISA student grant interviews. I was very happy but I knew there was high competition because many applied here so I was just praying that God should intervene, after the interview I had hope and God answered my prayer, I am now assured that I will finish my second year without any problem. Thanks to INISA you have lighted my way by covering my 2020 academic year I will be forever grateful. Your help has come in good time when I needed it most.

My mind is now free I will be able to concentrate fully on my studies. My plan now is to work harder as if everything depends on me, I will do anything to my level best to gain more skills and get enough knowledge to be unique because I don’t want just to add numbers of nurse midwives in the world but to be unique among them. That if I will not find any funds for my next academic year I should be better enough at my level to do piece works at any hospital or non-governmental organization and get money to continue with my education later. I would love if I can finish in 2022 as planned but it will not matter how long it will take me to finish if I will not find funds for my next academic year but I will not rest up until my goals of having a hospital, reduce maternal death and end teenage pregnancies and child marriages are achieved.

Best regards, Georgina Morson

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