Liebe Afrikafreunde,

hiermit möchten wir Sie sehr herzlich zu unserem nächsten Treffen am
Dienstag, den 27. November 2007 um 19:00 Uhr im Afrikahaus, Bochumer Straße 25, 10555 Berlin
(U-Bahn Turmstraße) einladen.

Thema: Peace Building and Conflict Resolution in Africa – What role for Community Theater?

Referent: Jack Shaka (Konfliktexperte, Schauspieler und Theatertrainer, Armani Peoples Theatre
- Kenya)

Moderation: Frank Zelazny (SID - Berlin)

For ages theatre has been associated with entertainment. More recently, new aspects of participatory theater have taken centerstage, raising new questions:

Can the old mentality about theatre be overcome? What role can theatre play in bottom-up peace
building processes? As many African communities are in conflict over access to resourcess, power and identity, can theatre contribute to the resolution and transformation of such conflicts?

Brazilian dramatist Augusto Boal came up with the Theatre of the Oppressed as a way for communities to be able to identify the oppressor and the oppressed and to seek alternative solutions. Prof. Paulo Freire, a Brazilian educator, highlighted the need for problem solving techniques among people and communities, encouraging them to identify their problems and seek solutions for themselves. Jack Shaka and the Armani Peoples Theatre have been inspired by this school of thought. Their work includes projects in and with conflicting communities, refugee camps and many other aspects of peace building in Africa.

Mr. Jack Shaka will give a power point presentation. The whole discussion will be in English. We are looking foreward to an interesting evening with Jack Shaka and you.

Best Regards
Prof. Dr. Peter Waller
SID Afrikakreis

René Gradwohl